Q: How much of a commitment will I be required to make?

A: The level of volunteer participation can range from minimal to considerable. A volunteer can choose an ongoing regular schedule, or can lend support in one-time events or on an as-needed basis. All options are valuable, and we can work … Continue reading

Q: How does the volunteer process work?

A: All interested volunteers should complete a Volunteer Profile Form. This tells us when you are available, and if you have any particular interests, talents, or limitations. You will receive a call from a member of the Volunteer Program to … Continue reading

Q: My schedule is unpredictable, and I can’t guarantee that I can be somewhere every week. Can I still help out?

A: Yes. We will do our best to provide flexibility to meet your schedule and our needs to ensure a worthwhile experience. You may participate in a variety of volunteer activities. We do ask that, once you make a commitment … Continue reading

Q: Why should I volunteer at fundraising events?

A: It costs in excess of $150,000 a year to provide care to the homeless and abused cats and dogs at the shelter each and every year. The Humane Society receives no government funding. That means that the money we … Continue reading

Q: What kinds of activities can I participate in as a volunteer?

Click here for a complete list of current volunteer opportunities. Many need to be performed on a daily or weekly basis. Others are on an as-needed basis.

Q: What is your Friends of the Humane Society Auxiliary group?

A: Our Friends Auxiliary is a fun group of volunteers who meet periodically and organize fund-raising and public awareness events. They organize things such as bake sales, our annual yard sale, participation in local parades, pictures with Santa Paws, etc. … Continue reading

Q: What kind of a commitment is required?

A: It is up to you to decide how many hours you would like to volunteer. All we ask is that before you agree to volunteer, please make sure you have the time available to offer.

Q: How old do I have to be?

Typically, in order to volunteer at the shelter, you must be at least 18 years of age. If you are under 18 and would still like to volunteer, you can do so as long as you obtain the consent of … Continue reading

Q: How do I become a Shelter volunteer?

A: Complete the Volunteer Profile Form and submit it to our Volunteer Coordinator.

Q: What if I have specific questions about volunteering?

A: Ask questions. Speak to the shelter’s Executive Director at the shelter. You can contact the shelter at (724) 627-9988. For fastest response to your inquiry, e-mail is preferred (humanegreene@windstream.net. We welcome your inquiries, suggestions and comments on making our … Continue reading

Q: Are there other ways to help?

A: Absolutely! We always need supplies and money to properly care for the animals that enter our shelter every day. Like most shelters, our greatest need is money. We receive no government funding and depend solely upon the generosity of … Continue reading

We Are Now Open By Appointment Only

We wanted to offer a reminder that we are still operating on an appointment basis and are closed to the public (aside from scheduled visits).  If you are interested in adopting, we ask that you please fill out the application that is on our website, send it to us and then we will schedule a day and time for a visit.  Thank you for your continued support and understanding.