General conditions for adoption of a pet

GSD & KittyIf you want to adopt an animal you must fill out an application, and there will be a waiting period. We require proof of your residence, and we ask some questions about your ability to care for the pet that we will give you. You should have the name of a veterinarian convenient to you, since we will follow up on whether you have fulfilled legal requirements concerning the adoption of a pet from a Humane Society in Pennsylvania. We reserve the right to decide whether we will give you one of our animals.

There are some fees connected with adoption, but these simply cover the cost of the basic medical shots that each animal receives. We make no profit from these fees.

Pennsylvania state law requires that you have your new pet neutered (males) or spayed (females) within six months of adoption. We must take a refundable deposit for this. Your money will be returned as soon as the animal is neutered or spayed and the veterinarian has informed us of this. We have a special spay/neuter loan program to help you spread the actual cost of the procedure over several months. Ask us about it if you need it.

Because of the way that we care for our animals on a daily basis, you will probably find that the pet you adopt is ready to interact with your family very quickly.

Dog Adoption Costs

Cat Adoption Costs

We Are Now Open By Appointment Only

We wanted to offer a reminder that we are still operating on an appointment basis and are closed to the public (aside from scheduled visits).  If you are interested in adopting, we ask that you please fill out the application that is on our website, send it to us and then we will schedule a day and time for a visit.  Thank you for your continued support and understanding.