How far is Contoocook, New Hampshire from Waynesburg, Pennsylvania?  It’s 690 miles or 11 hours and 44 minutes.  That’s a long way – but not for Michelle Hilton who fell in love and drove all that way to pick up the new love of her life, Alice.Alice2

Alice arrived at our shelter the week before and was in poor condition.  She was diagnosed as being diabetic and had cataracts in both eyes limiting her eyesight severely.  If the cataracts were removed, Alice would regain her sight.  It was imperative to find Alice the right Forever home as soon as possible so her medical care could begin.

Meanwhile, back in Contoocook, Michelle Hilton was cruising in the internet and saw Alice on our website.  She immediately fell in love.  “I connected with her right away even though we’d never met in person.  I just knew.” says Hilton.  Michelle found our adoption application online, completed it and faxed it to us.  In accordance with our policy of checking references on all adopters, her veterinarian references were checked and Michelle’s application was approved.  We called Michelle to let her know and she was delighted.  She began planning her trip to Waynesburg – a trip that would take her several days.

The moment finally arrived and Michelle Hilton, her niece Ariel, and one of their other canine family members, Pixie walked through the door.   When staff brought  Alice into the lobby, Michelle immediately scooped Alice into her  arms and hugged her tight and announced that Alice would now be known as “Paris Hilton”.  It was a dream come true for the  new Miss Paris Hilton.

Alice’s Forever Home had finally arrived.  Happy Endings do happen.    But it doesn’t end  there, yes more good news.  While visiting that day, Michelle fell in love with another dog whom she adopted too.  Pierre would also make the return trip home with the Hiltons.

Happy endings and new beginning do happen.  Please visit our website at  Also friend us on Facebook to  keep in touch with what’s  going on.  Who knows,  maybe you’ll meet your new best friend there too!.hilton




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A week away from starvation, these three friends got a second chance at life, thanks to the animal advocates and donors of the Humane Society of Greene County.

The photo above shows Felix, Oscar and Ollie enjoying their food after they were rescued by our humane officers. Yet another happy ending thanks to all who support us. You are truly making a difference in the lives of animals like these. Keep up the good work!

Rescued and adopted, Blue is now living a great life thanks to your donations and support.

Blue came to us from a bad situation, as pictured above. He was so emaciated that he sat huddled and shivering from the cold. Blue had been living in a pen littered with trash and had never been seen by a vet. What a sad life he endured, until he was saved. Grateful for a second chance at a good life, Blue, along with the humane officers who saved him, would like to thank you, the donors, for all you have done. Without your support, there would be no happy endings.

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