Keep The Animals Alive: Keep HB 869 Alive!So much is at stake now for the animals of Pennsylvania. HB 869 is the most comprehensive animal protection bill in the history of PA, according to Governor Wolf. While the bill unanimously passed the Senate, opposition prevented a vote in the full House of Representatives. We need your support — now more than ever — to encourage House Leadership to run HB 869 on November 14!

HB 869 has the power to have convicted animal abusers forfeit custody of their pets. The bill includes amendment SB 1372, Libre’s Law, which will increase penalties for heinous acts of animal cruelty. It also includes SB 294, Cordelia’s Law, which will add protection for horses and an anti-tethering legislation that would limit the time an animal can be tied up outside and in extreme weather.

Despite a majority of support in the House, opposition prevented a vote on HB 869. The Senate voted to move this legislation forward, but we must continue our staunch efforts to keep it moving through the House.

It’s imperative for EVERYONE to contact their state representatives and ask them to encourage House leadership to run the bill on November 14!

Thank Representative Dave Reed for his support of HB 869
Rep. Dave Reed, House Majority Leader
District phone: (724) 465-0220
Capitol phone: (717) 705-7173

Ask Representative Mike Turzai to bring the bill up for vote
Rep. Mike Turzai, House Speaker
District phone: (412) 369-2230
Capitol phone: (717) 772-9943

Please call or email (calls are best!) your state Representative,  as well as our House leaders, and ask them to support HB 869 and run the bill on November 14!

A Rally for HB 869 will be held on the Capitol steps in Harrisburg on November 14, 10 AM to 1 PM, to show support for our animals.

Animal advocates are a powerful voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Help pass this bill to secure a positive, significant impact on the protection of animals in the state of Pennsylvania.

Thank you all for another great summer! Your extraordinary support has been appreciated more than you know.

One particular effort and donation from 14-year old Colby Simkovic is especially inspiring. Colby spent many days of his summer vacation building the incredible dog house pictured below. His goal is to be sure a needy dog will be warm and dry when the weather turns cold. People like Colby remind us that acts of giving and gifts of kindness are alive in young people, and that our hard work will continue with the next generation.

Our mission of helping families and animals in need is not possible without the support of enthu- siastic volunteers like Colby and generous friends like you. Thank you.

Warm Regards,
Jane Gapen


By spending just a few minutes of your time right now, you can help to make a lifetime of difference for animals like Max, Ester, and Shep.

Please help them today by calling, writing, emailing, or using social media to contact your state representative to request support of the following legislation which will strengthen animal protection laws in Pennsylvania.

Senate bill 373, the anti-tethering bill, protects animals from harsh weather and 24/7 tethering.
House bill 113, Angel’s Law, will increase the grading of charges for various animal cruelty offenses, particularly for repeat offenders.

If you are unsure about how to reach your representative, You may dp so on the “Find Your Legislator” page of the Pennsylvania General Assembly website.

Please, then, follow up by contacting the chairman and co-chairman of the house judiciary committee, asking them to move both of these bills out of committee so that they can be voted upon by the full house of representatives:

The Honorable Ron Marsico
Chairman, House Judiciary Committee
District 105
31J Main Capitol Building
PO Box 202105
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2105
(717) 783-2014

The Honorable Joseph A. Petrarca
Democratic Chairman, House Judiciary Committee
District 55
220 Irvis Office Building
PO Box 202055
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2055
(717) 787-5142

By spending just a few minutes of your time right now, you can help to end the suffering of animals like Max.
By spending just a few minutes of your time right now, you can help to end the suffering of animals like Max.


This issue is dedicated to Humane Officers everywhere. They are first responders and unsung heroes like police officers and firefighters. These are people of stature and character, and it is their mission to be where they need to be to save, to help, and to change the fate of lives. They are where you want them to be.

Our sincere appreciation goes to Callie Paul, who acted as our humane police officer for 4 years. Good luck, Callie, in your future endeavors.

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