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Many people have asked about the journey that led me to become the Director of the Greene County Humane Society. Like many of you, | was born with a special affinity for creatures great and small.

I followed my Biology major in college by working with many species of animals.

This is a photo of me with an Amazon River Dolphin with whom | worked for six years. Although I do not support plucking animals out of their natural environments, this poor dolphin was alone in a zoo. The wise Aqua Zoo director felt it only humane to give him company. After intensiv training, I was selected as one of eight people who gave companionship and enabled this dolphin to work with his veterinarian for regular and stress-free check-ups.

Since 1995 | have worked here with the same motivation as | had with Chuckles the dolphin: to improve the lives of unwanted or mistreated dogs, cats and farm animals. | believe that all animals are important and have a right to live in a safe and happy environment. Our world would be colorless without them.

The Greene County Humane Society is filled with kindness and hope because of our caregivers, our volunteers and compassionate people like you.We want the very best for every animal in our care.

Thank you for helping us to continue our mission to make the world more humane for all living creatures.



2020 Humane Society Calendar

Every calendar has a three digit number assigned to it.

If your number is picked straight during the evening Pennsylvania Daily Number, the shelter will automatically send you a check in the amount of money shown for that day ($30 daily – more on weekends and holidays.).

When you or your gift recipient receives the calendar, they/you will register it with us by returning the included registration information. The calendars begin on January 1, 2020 and are good through December 31, 2020.

This is our most significant fund raising event all year.

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Hello Friends!

The Humane Society of Greene County is where Kind Hearts Come Together, a place of hope and happy endings. Every day we witness the quiet selfless acts of people who help families and animals in need.
It is awe-inspiring to watch the magic thus created. Rescuing and caring for the abused and abandoned is love in action, and that love is magic. We hope these success stories add to your holiday joy this year. Thank you for your ongoing loyalty as we continue our unwavering dedication and commitment to our vital mission. We are humbled by YOU – who support us and we are grateful for the FRIENDS we have made along our journey. YOU are the reason we are successful.

Happy Holidays,

Hello Friends!

Another success because of you! Those of us who rescue animals from abusive situations and watch them recover have an emotional stake in those pets’ future well being. So it is a great reward when adopters stay in touch to tell their
stories. Here is one such story from Mark, the owner of Rex. Rex’s life story exemplifies the good work of our shelter. Thanks to your support, he is a happy dog doing what dogs do best — giving and receiving love.

“Rex was 6 when my 86-year old mother adopted him from the shelter. He was healthy, happy and friendly. We always thought he came from a
good home and the previous owner had perhaps been forced to give him up.Mom adored Rex. He was her constant companion; and when
she became terminally ill, he never left her side, providing comfort and a feeling of safety.

Because he was so utterly devoted to Mom, I was concerned that he wouldn’t adapt to living with me after she passed. But I’ve had Rex for four months now. He loves our walks and has decided it is time to transfer his love to me.

I was curious about his history and decided to phone the shelter to see if anyone remembered him. It turns out that his early life was not as happy as I would have thought. I suppose Rex is a testament to how great it can be to rescue an older dog, and I’m glad I can continue to give him love and a happy life.”

Have a wonderful summer,

Dear Friends,

We are so lucky to feel holiday magic all year long as we witness animals creating joy on people’s faces and in their lives.

The importance of the love of a dog or cat or any ani- mal cannot be measured. It is part of the inexplicable magic that makes life worthwhile.

Each day as animals in need come through our doors, we are reminded of the critical role that YOU play in helping us help animals and people.

We are humbled and grateful by all who support us and by new long lasting friendships each year.

With your ongoing help and our dedication of hard work, we will remain a golden example of what a rural humane society can provide.

We are proud to be an important part of community. You are the reason we are extraordinary.

Happy holidays and all the best in the new year.





Dear Friends:

The unconditional love of an animal is powerful. I have told the story of my first rescue, Champ, whose fierce love moti- vated me to put in the hard work to start our shelter. Champ had such an effect on my life that I became determined to save other animals in dire situations like his. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the names of the three wise and kind women who bequested money and land in their wills for just such a venture: Nora Lee Orndoff, Norma Jean Blackhurst, and Mary Munnel Rinehart.

That was 20 years ago! Generous souls continue to sup- port our efforts with time and money.

Many of you are motivated to give back because you, too, are the beneficiaries of the perfect love of a pet. You pay that gift forward to help animals in need. Then, animals abandoned or abused are saved to go on to love another family, who in turn want to help, in a perfect circle of caring.

Join us, because animals cannot save themselves, and they have so much to give.

Our work begins and ends with your love and generosity. To you and your pets, we are truly grateful





Winston was surrendered to us by a gentleman who found him wandering. He arrived with a very deep and intense gash on top of his head.

Waynesburg Animal Hospital and tender loving care saved Winston. He was a staff and volunteer favorite.

This fortunate dog turned into a gentle giant with a new home where the family has hearts as big as Texas. He is loved! Winston’s story exemplifies our mission

We never tire of watching animals heal at the Humane Society. We never tire of happy adopters. Rescuing, recovery, and rehoming is our mission.

It is because of you that we are able to reach out to these animals in need when all hope seems lost.

What can $10/month do?

MONTHLY DONATIONS VIA Electronic Fund Transfer

If you choose, you can have a monthly deduction made from your checking or savings account account. This is called an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Here is a form, in Adobe PDF format, that you can complete and send to us at the Shelter, to set up an EFT. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and print this form.

Electronic Fund Transfer Form

If you are interested in having your name or business name presented to the animal-loving public at our shelter, check the Buy a Brick program page.

For these animals and so many others, please consider joining the

Power of 10 Club

and make a tax deductible, automatic, donation every month via PayPal or electronic fund transfers.

For about 30 cents a day, you can be a part of the daily rescue operations.

Monthly Donations via PayPal

Dear Friends:

Thank you again Greene County and supporters everywhere whose many contributions gave us another great year! We are blessed to be part of a caring community of friends who give of their time, talents, and more. We are fortunate to have assembled a devoted staff and established a relationship with excellent veterinarians. It is rare to have such a successful Humane Society in a small rural county like Greene. Your continued trust and support is what makes it happen.

2016 was a memorable year. As always, we worked hard to deliver our best. Not resting on our laurels, we added volunteers and new programs. We had a banner year with the highest number of adop- tions ever!

I am most proud of our humane work and our out- reach programs. Saving animals that would not survive without our intervention is paramount. I’m thinking of dogs like Arnie, and cats like Jigger and Jolly, who found refuge with us. The cats arrived with fur burned from their bodies. We were there to help when their family’s home burned.

Through all of our dedicated work, we re-mind ourselves often that our mission is possible only because of you. Our mission is rescuing animals from harrowing situations, healing animals from physical and emotional harm, and readying them for loving forever homes. Our mission is assisting families as well as their animals. These services are vital and possible only because of your loyalty and your support.

My heartfelt appreciation,





Keep The Animals Alive: Keep HB 869 Alive!So much is at stake now for the animals of Pennsylvania. HB 869 is the most comprehensive animal protection bill in the history of PA, according to Governor Wolf. While the bill unanimously passed the Senate, opposition prevented a vote in the full House of Representatives. We need your support — now more than ever — to encourage House Leadership to run HB 869 on November 14!

HB 869 has the power to have convicted animal abusers forfeit custody of their pets. The bill includes amendment SB 1372, Libre’s Law, which will increase penalties for heinous acts of animal cruelty. It also includes SB 294, Cordelia’s Law, which will add protection for horses and an anti-tethering legislation that would limit the time an animal can be tied up outside and in extreme weather.

Despite a majority of support in the House, opposition prevented a vote on HB 869. The Senate voted to move this legislation forward, but we must continue our staunch efforts to keep it moving through the House.

It’s imperative for EVERYONE to contact their state representatives and ask them to encourage House leadership to run the bill on November 14!

Thank Representative Dave Reed for his support of HB 869
Rep. Dave Reed, House Majority Leader
District phone: (724) 465-0220
Capitol phone: (717) 705-7173

Ask Representative Mike Turzai to bring the bill up for vote
Rep. Mike Turzai, House Speaker
District phone: (412) 369-2230
Capitol phone: (717) 772-9943

Please call or email (calls are best!) your state Representative,  as well as our House leaders, and ask them to support HB 869 and run the bill on November 14!

A Rally for HB 869 will be held on the Capitol steps in Harrisburg on November 14, 10 AM to 1 PM, to show support for our animals.

Animal advocates are a powerful voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Help pass this bill to secure a positive, significant impact on the protection of animals in the state of Pennsylvania.