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Emergency Medical Fund

Emergency Medical Fund

The Humane Society of Greene County is dedicated to finding good homes for homeless dogs and cats through our shelter, and to stopping abuse of animals in Greene County.

Are you looking for an extra special holiday gift to help save and animal’s life? Are you looking for a simple, meaningful gift for family, friends, volunteers? The Medical Fund is for you!

The fund provides emergency surgery, recovery care and pain medication for animals that arrive at our door in immediate need of veterinary care. Fro a donation of $20.00 or more we will send an acknowledgement card to the person or family of our choice honoring them, their pets (past or present) or their devotion to all animals. We will also place an ornament on our lobby tree with the honoree’s name to acknowledge your figt through the holiday season.

Mail your check with a description of your wishes to:

The Humane Society of Greene County Medical Fund
183 Jefferson Road
Waynesburg PA 15370


Hello wonderful supporters of the Humane Society of Greene County!

‘Tis the season to begin shopping for that special gift for those special people in your life. When you do, please consider registering with and shopping through IGIVE.COM.

This is a free program that takes a percentage of your on-line purchases and generates money for the Humane Society of Greene County. It doesn’t cost you anything! You simply register at IGIVE.COM and select the Humane Society of Greene County as your specific charity. Each time you are ready to shop, simply log into IGIVE and then begin shopping or browsing at your favorite stores. IGIVE donates a percentage of your purchases and even gives a small amount for simply browsing. IGIVE will keep track of the amount of money that you have raised for the Humane Society and show you the total each time you log in.

Thank you in advance for your continued support!

Connie Hart

Humane Society of Greene County – Treasurer

PS. When you register with IGIVE, it will ask if you would like to have an IGIVE toolbar. It is recommended that you answer this question ‘No’ as it can become a nuisance.

Buy A Brick

Each brick is engraved with the name of a person, family, or institution who has given us support

Some of our supporters participate in our Buy a Brick program. There is a brick wall at the shelter, and for $100 you can add a brick to it. The brick will have an inscription of your choosing. This is a good way to present your family to other animal lovers, memorialize someone who loved animals, or put the name of your business in front of the public. Go to the Buy a Brick page to find out more about this way to support the Humane Society of Greene County.

The Humane Society, in conjunction with Greene County Community Service, is building houses or boxes for needy dogs and cats. The Humane Society is accepting donations of used or new 2 x 4 boards, sheet lumber, and wooden doors for this project. Should you have questions, call the Humane Society at 724-627-9988. This is a way for our supporters to clear out their garages, barns, and basements while helping both their neighbors and their neighbors’ pets. This is a project that costs little but will deliver a lot for some of the animals in our county.

Our facility could not exist without support from YOU, our donors.  We strive to provide the best care and service to our furry friends and adhere to a very strict budget.  We are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization and our annual financial report is available for review, by appointment, during regular business hours

Without ongoing donations, the Humane Society cannot stay open. It is the only place of refuge for the abandoned and abused animals in a rural county with a large animal population. You can help the shelter continue to work on behalf of the animals that have nothing.

Making tax-deductible donations is convenient and easy. Our Power of Ten program gives supporters ways to help us now and in the future.

Consider this:

For Less than the cost of a pizza once a month, you can save lives and break the chains of abuse!

Join the Power of Ten Club to make this kind of miracle happen again for an abused animal. Click on this Power of Ten link to sign up for a repeating donation, to join the Power of Ten Club.

Danny Before

Danny Before

Danny After

Danny After

Danny was rescued from starving to death on a chain. Now he weighs 81 lbs. and he sleeps on the couch at his new home.

To become a member of the Power of Ten Club, arrange to donate $10 a month or more. You can use the secure and easy electronic funds transfer that can automatically make a deduction for you. It is simple to disenroll at any time, should you have a change of circumstances.

We use PayPal to handle credit donations, but you do not have to be a PayPal member or regular user to participate. Just go to the The Power of Ten page or click a button above, and select your level of participation–PayPal will guide you from there.

Please consider being a regular donor and we thank you on behalf of the homeless animals who have no voice.

There’s no need to be in the doghouse. If you have one lying around, bring it to us. We can use it. Here is a flyer to tell you about our new program in which we adopt a doghouse. Or you can call the shelter about it.

Donate Your Dog House

Donate Your Dog House

We are always in need of good quality dog food, and now, cat food as well. Many of the animals that come to us are badly undernourished. The quality of food is important in their recovery. There is a drop box outside our facility where donations can be left during hours that the shelter is not open. Please consider feeding an animal in need. Just look at the results we are getting!

The Humane Society is happy to take used dog boxes or dog houses. You can drop them off near our front gate, even if the shelter is not open. Humane Police Officers use dog houses for needy dogs in their care. If you had more dogs at one time than you now have, we are happy to reduce the clutter around your home by recycling your used dog house, box, or cage.

We now need a used or new garbage disposal.

Thank You !

Your used ink jet or laser printer cartridges can help the Humane Society. Turn them in to us at the shelter, or at the Humane Society bin at the Waynesburg Giant Eagle, and we can get money for them to use for animal care. We can accept all but Epson cartridges. You can clear out your home or office, recycle to reduce waste, and help the Society, all in one simple act. Contact the shelter for more information.